Dear Mr. President,

I am an Iranian living in your country not at my own will but rather due to the circumstances in my country because of unjust treatment of my people by the brutal regime of Iran. Daily news from Iran has saddened international community, and they are a cause for concern for the Iranian citizens.

There is no need to explain how Iranian government does not follow human rights within international law. They have taken every basic rights and freedom away from the people and as the opposition grow so as the killing of the educated and young minds.

What was evident is that the Iranian government in any way and seeking a rapprochement does not consider it necessary to demonstrate to their citizens in any way a concession.

As a citizen/resident of this country I am asking you to ban and condemn Iran from international community, not allowing their representative travel or conduct any business transaction in which will help the pocket of government officials.

Please take a distance of invitations from colleagues and the political representatives of this government.

An international economic sanction is not an appropriate way out for the people of my country. But the sanctions as a political separation could be an effective measure. Therefore, I ask you, since you are a representative of law, to freeze in protest against the practices of this Iranian government's diplomatic relations with that country. Participate in the interruption of commerce on which the people because the economy is not a suitable solution. The political government must be pressed.

I strongly recommend banning any political activity as like withdrawing your embassy staff in opposition to Islamic republic and not inviting any Iranian officials or representatives to international conferences.

Once again I would like to thank you for giving me this political freedom to express my voice in your country and hope one day this could happen in my birth country Iran.


God Bless



نسخه قابل چاپ


Saeed Behbahani

P.O.Box 11174 


AZ 85271